Canneci N'de Band of Lipan Apache,Inc.

Language Corner


The Canneci N'de of today do not speak the Apache language but there are scattered words of the Apachean language being used unbeknownst by speakers of Cajun and Creole French. This section is to incorporate those words back into the Apache language to have a distinct Canneci dialect of the Apache language.

N'de bi yati'(The People their language) 

Short Vowel Sounds:          Long Vowel Sounds:say vowels a little longer

a (ah)like in father         aa(aah)

e (eh)like in met            ee(eeh)

i (ih)like in fit            ii(ee-changes to e like in Cheese)

o (oh)like in hope           oo(ooh)

u   (uh)like in  hula-hoop                 uu (uuh) hula-hoop

Nasalized Vowel Sounds depending on font available or tribal preference these vowels are written differently but can easily be distinguised:Same as above continue vowels longer when doubled

â (awh)like fawn,lawn         ââ(aawh)

ê (en) like energy            êê(een)

î (in)like impossible         îî(ee-as in queen)

ô (an)like orange             ôô(aan)

 like tuna                 (uuh



Vowels with an accent(')above has more stress than one without:

á ah man!

é yeah you!

í go in the house!

Ó oh!

u no you!

Dipthongs: Two vowels producing one sound

ai(i) like y in my


ei(ay)like ay in hay

oi(owee)like oe in chloe


' glottal stop is an accent between two letters or after that gives a pause in the pronounciation as in oh'oh!

b bat

t take

c sh sound

tch change

d dog

t£ t and £ silent l both giving off there sounds

dl huddle

ts tsk,tsk without the k

dz both letters give their sound

g girl, zh azure

gh gargle sound when you gargle with liquid

n night

nn cannon


j jello

k kite

quick (kw sound)

l laugh

£ silent l made with air escaping from side of tongue with teeth close

t tent

M, S, W, Y, and Z all are equivalent in english

SW LA words:

Kuy=smart/intelligent(being used by Cajun/Creoles as crazy/silly/fool in a sarcastic way. The correct term in French is intelligent and for the latter fou/bete/imbecile)

Ciinii=black/dark(used for caterpillar, there are many black/dark caterpillars in SWLA(Correct French term is chenille=caterpillar)

Kucma=ghost/spirit(Creole use is similar; some say devil)

Yana=buffalo(this is a discovered first name from an ancestor's census)

Aiiyaii/Aiiya=Ouch!(similar to Jicarilla and Mexican expression)

Cox=Yes/Yeah(Jicarilla,Other Apaches,Navajo Aoo=Yes/Yeah, Jicarilla also shoh=ouch!)

gotcho=grandma(nickname of a person)

tiiya=smart(tii=french "little")(nickname of person=little sassy)

Fiisiidax=not dung(a folk medicine)

t'e̱c=blk"water"snake (Bayou Teche the word has eluded many of historians, anthropologist, and linguist alike, due to their overlooking of the Canneci(Lipan Apache) influence and presence in Louisiana’s history. Some tried to say it was Chahta, Chitimacha, or Atakapa neither of these languages use teche(tesh) for snake much less black water snake. The word Teche has continued to be local legend as meaning snake, but the non-natives no longer know where the word originated from, Prairie Maronne is located between Vermilion"Red" River and Bayou Teche it is closer to Vermilion due to the Canneci dislike but respect of snakes which Bayou Teche had plenty. The Atakapa & Chitimacha have an origin story for the formation of this Bayou which was made by a giant serpent, but their word didn’t stick in the non-native’s mind.)

To be continued: