Canneci N'de Canneci N'de 138731217 138731218 138731219 Canneci N'de Gathering, April 2010 138731220 138731221 138731222 138731223 138734566 140690205 140690207 Vermilionville 2009 Q & A table from Left to Right: Canneci N'de band member, Atakapa Chief, Ex-Houma Cheif, Chitimacha Chief 142184285 Native Day 2010 Vermilionville L to R: Canneci Nant'aan, Atakapa Rep., Chitimacha Chief, Houma Ex-Chief 140690209 Natvie Day 2011 Vermilionville L to R: Avogel Chief, Canneci Nant'aan, 2 Atakapa Reps., Houma Ex-Chief, Pointe Au Chiene Leader, Isle de Jean Charles Band of Indians Chief, Chitimacha Chief 140690208 Canneci N'de "Mardi Gras" 2010, House-to-House Walk In the backcountry the "Mardi Gras" would walk and dance to each member's house to bring goodwill and prosperity and keep evil out the community and away from the people. They also were used to keep unruly kids in line by saying "the Mardi Gras, will get you." 140812868 Canneci N'de "Mardi Gras" 2011, Vermilionville The people began calling the Mountain Spirit Dancers "Mardi Gras" . Which was still being danced in the backcountry of St.Martin parish. The N'de word for the dancers is HACTCI. 140690206 Apaches and Cherokees Some Canneci N'de band members and Southern Cherokee of LA Precinct tribal members,meet and greet. 140812867 140812869 All Saints Day "Remembrance Altar" During the time of "All Saints" the Canneci put up an "altar" in Prairie Maronne & Bayou Tortue it is a similar Mexican aspect of their culture, but not as elaborate. After this day the foodstuff was either burned or buried. 142184282 184501692 142184284 Spiritual Meeting Canneci N'de at Mexican NAC meeting in the Mountains of Mexico 142184286 Young Canneci N'de keeping culture alive. Horses were and are prized by the Canneci. 143518428 Atakapa-Icak Powwow Canneci N'de at the 1st Atakapa-Icak Powwow held in Lake Charles, LA 143518429 Canneci naaki di'di' @ L.I.H.A. Powwow 179016888 Canneci naaki i$dazani cii Atakapa nant'a 179016889 149001204 Youth displaying her frybread She is 12yrs old and was the teacher at the workshop. 179016890 Lundi Gras 2013, Opelousas LA, Civic center 179016891 179016892 A Ceremony 179016893 Native Culture Day, Vermilionville 2012 179016894 184502001 Humble, TX Drum practice 184502124 Camp Dress Line-up 184502006 Remembrance Day 2012 Arrival of Gifters 184502159 Blessing of Gifts 184502154 Blessing of Members 184502158 Lighting of Directional Candles 184502155 Remembrance Altar 184502156 184502157 184501693 Tamale Fest, Zwolle LA 2013 Canneci N'de enjoying some tamales and having fun in Zwolle, LA. also were welcomed by many townfolk of the area at the fest. 185543094 Adai-Caddo Powwow 2013 186018516 186018515 186018514 Nant'a Cuelcahen'ne cii Canneci'ne 186018518 Daily Advertiser Article pt.1 The local Lafayette newspaper captures N'de performance.You can see more pics on the Daily Advertiser's webpage. Native Culture Day 2013 189607161 Daily Advertiser Article pt.2 The Editor of the Teche News in St.Martin Parish where the band originally refuged in the backcountry, before some were exiled out, refused to do an article about the tribal band when asked. 189607162