Ancestors Ancestors Joseph Clifton Prejean Sr. ("Fat") Son of Grace Goodbeer & Antoine Prejean 138727123 Josephine Boulerisse Arceneaux Aunt of Theophile Mathieu 143518900 Joseph Theophile Mathieu Grandfather of Wilson Joseph, Ornest Joseph and Alexson Joseph Mathieu 138727130 Editha Labbe & Husband Frank Guidry Sister of Rosa, Marshall, & Jules Labbe 138727125 Joseph Clifton Goodbeer Son of Joseph James & Rosa Labbe-Goodbeer 138727127 Joseph Hermel Mathieu Son of Theophile Mathieu/ Husband of Yvonne Senegal-Mathieu /Father of Wilson,Ornest,& Alexson Mathieu 138727128 Yvonne Senegal-Mathieu Wife of:Joseph Hermel Mathieu Mother of:Alexson,Ornest, & Wilson Mathieu 141130513 Albert Norbert Labbe Brother of Rosa Labbe 138727124 Jules Jack Labbe Brother of Rosa & Marshall Labbe 138727131 Joseph James Goodbeer(T-nomme) Husband of Rosa Labbe 138727129 Joseph James Goodbeer(T-nomme) Restored Photo 141130512 Marshall Logan Labbe & Rosa Labbe-Goodbeer Brother & Sister 138727132 Mary Goodbeer("Kala") Daughter of Joseph James & Rosa Labbe-Goodbeer 138727133 Mathilda Goodbeer & Husband Albert St.Julien Daughter of Coralie Normand/Lanormand & Auguste Goodbeer. Sister of Prospere Goodbear 138727135 Paul, Peter, & Mary w/mom Rosa Labbe-Goodbeer 138727137 Priscella Goodbeer Daughter of Joseph James & Rosa Labbe-Goodbeer 138727138 Theresa Goodbeer w/husband John Lebean Daughter of Joseph James & Rosa Labbe-Goodbeer 138727140 Joseph Wilson Prejean Son of Antoine & Grace Goodbeer-Prejean 138727141 Paul Goodbeer Son of Joseph James & Rosa Labbe-Goodbeer 141130503 Peter Goodbeer Son of Joseph James & Rosa Labbe-Goodbeer 141130504 Emma Smith-Goodbear Wife of Prospere Goodbear Mother of :Grace Goodbeer 141130505 Grace Goodbeer(Adult) Daughter of Prospere Goodbear & Emma Smith-Goodbear 138727126 Grace Goodbeer(Young)w/Daughter Gustavia Wife of :Antoine Prejean Daughter of : Prospere & Emma Smith-Goodbear 141130507 Antoine Prejean Husband of :Grace Goodbeer Son of :Telesphore Prejean & Alice Roy(Roi) 141130506 Kathleen Prejean Daughter of: Jospeh Albert Sr. & Gustavia Senegal-Prejean 141130508 Mary Octavia Prejean Daughter of: Antoine & Grace Goodbeer-Prejean 141130509 Telesphore Prejean Husband of Alice Roy(Roi) Father of: Antoine Prejean 141130511 Joseph Albert Prejean Sr.("Babu") Son of Antoine & Grace Goodbeer-Prejean, Many or Majority of sons' first names were Joseph and middle names were different, due to modern discrepancies and eroding of heritage, they went by their middle names more often than not. Husband of Gustavia Senegal/Sinegal 142155081 Gertrude Prejean-Arceneaux Daughter of:Antoine & Grace Goodbeer-Prejean 142156164 Dalton Goodbeer Youngest child of: Prospere Goodbeer & Emma Smith-Goodbeer 148887372 Joseph Alexson Mathieu("Juuk") Father: Joseph Hermel Mathieu Mother: Yvonne Senegal-Mathieu 148887373 Joseph Wilson Mathieu Father: Joseph Hermel Mathieu Mother: Yvonne Senegal-Mathieu Husband of: Mary "Kala" Goodbeer 149447334 Joseph Ornest Mathieu "Kith"/"Sido" Wife: Hilda Mae Mouton Mother: Yvonne Senegal-Mathieu Father: Joseph Hermel Mathieu 158641389 Corrine/Corine Goodbiere Married Name: Castex Father: Joseph Auguste Goodbear Mother: CoraLee/Coralie Norman/La'normand Brother: Prospere Goodbear Sister: Mathilda Goodbeer 158641387 Hilda Mae Mouton & John Daniel Mouton Siblings 158641388 184501370