Canneci N'de Band of Lipan Apache,Inc.

Apaches in Louisiana





The history of the Canneci(which translates as Pines /Tall sticks in a row stand) is one of slavery, emancipation or escape, living free, and then exile and obscurity. Canneci[Canneechi=English pronunciation/Shawnneshi,Chawnechi=Cajun or Creole pronunciation]. The Modern sound of the French spelling word is [Cansi/Cansee]

The Lipan Apaches where taken into Louisiana during the 1700’s and well into the 1800’s. They wanted to trade with the French who occupied Louisiana with their Indian allies in order to obtain guns and ammunition to help them fight their enemies the Commanches, Wichitas, and Caddoes, as well as the Spanish. The French were called the Spanish of the East by the Lipans. 

The Spanish began to capture and enslave Lipan Apaches several years after their first contact with the Indians. The enemy tribes were capturing but not enslaving as the European did, and as they found an avenue of “trade” in their enemy captives with the French in Louisiana , they obliged their friends and sometimes “relatives” with Lipan Apache women and children, very seldom men.

Lipan Apaches were sold throughout Louisiana from the North to the South in the posts which were set up in the territories of the respective tribes; Natchitoches, Opelousas, Attakapas (St.Martinville and Franklin). The Canneci N'de Band of Lipan Apache have banded together from a common Apache heritage during the 1800's and well after the documented exiling of Coco and six members of his clan from the refugee group that settled in the backcountry of St.Martin Parish, this group was called the Coco Tribe due to the nickname of the Chief.

The exiling was done by the privileged elite whom declared the Canneci N'de band of Lipan Apache "unwanted", and formed a Vigilante Committee. In their triumphant exile of the elderly Chief Coco and some tribal clan members. They reported the Canneci N'de Band of Lipan Apaches "scattered".