Canneci N'de Band of Lipan Apache,Inc.

Prairie Maronne & Bayou Tortue peoples

 The emblem representing the Canneci N'de Band of Lipan Apache, Inc. :

The light grey($epai) color inside the circle is our connection to our Lipan heritage which the Canneci are a part of that which is sacred for the culture hero Killer-of-Enemies has walked with us furthest; it is also the color between the sacred directions of East and South.

The atypical colors of the Canneci N'de show the Southern and Coastal environmental influence.

North(Chakooca) is Red($igai), East(Cahaa) is Black(Ciinii), South(Catea) is White(Kai), West(Caea) is Yellow($etsoe).

The Man(di'di') and the Woman($isza'ni) who stand inside the circle represent our ancestors whom have came before us, ourselves who are standing now, and our future who will be standing. He holds a mulberry wood bow with a single crow feather attached, showing the hunting culture of the people.

Above them is the symbol of a bird which is a sacred symbol and it is the color white. To their right is the corn which symbolizes the plants and agriculture of the Canneci N'de and it is yellow. Beneath them is the symbol of the Cactus (Wozhee) which was taken and used by the Canneci until their removal to Louisiana, it is green. To their left is the silouhette of the deer which was, and still is a staple food of the Canneci today, it is black.

Encircling all is the Apache Drop Leaf Necklace which the Canneci continue to make, this necklace is made with glass Czech beads. At the end of the Red leaves are Coral beads, The Black ends are Obsidian beads, The White ends are White Shell beads, and the Yellow ends are Amber beads. Each set of drop leaf points to a sacred direction and is colored accordingly. Inside each leaf are the typical Lipan colors of our relations to the west this shows our continuous connection with our origin. These are White, Black, Blue, Yellow. The leaves in this particular pattern show the sacred Guadalupe Mtns. Where Killer-of-Enemies reside still. Hanging from the Drop Leaf Necklace are four feathers; two Eagles and two Hawks, Representing the sacred number that the Canneci pray. The Hawk is the little brother of the Eagle and helps to carry our prayers to Eagle to bring to creator. Each one has the typical 4 colors beaded on its quill with sinew.